The Fare-Thee-Wells

2011 - 2022  Rick Grumbecker • All rights reserved

A Fare-Thee-Wells show invokes the performance magic of Bob Gibson, a musical legend who always maintained the real star of the show was the audience. Bob’s eldest daughter, Meridian Green, along with Rick Grumbecker perform as a duet in presenting Bob’s story. Often times the duo becomes a trio when they are joined by their friend and partner, John Heller.

Together The Fare-Thee-Wells take their audiences on a musical journey through the heart of American folk music. From Greenwich Village’s Washington Square to Chicago’s Gate of Horn, from California’s Mendocino Coast to the Hill Country of Kerrville, Texas, through songs and stories, medleys and sing-alongs, playing banjo, 12-string and 6-string guitars, they bring our shared musical history home.

Updated June  21, 2022

Photo by Marilyn Wilson

Photo by Antonia Lamb